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FAQs about licensing actions

The Minnesota Department of Human Services (DHS) licenses and monitors compliance for about 20,000 human service providers. Counties are responsible for monitoring the physical plant requirements of community residential settings. Below are answers to frequently asked questions about licensing actions and maltreatment investigations.

Licensing actions

DHS, in partnership with county and private licensing agencies, reviews licensed programs, investigates complaints, and issues licensing actions when providers are out of compliance. The types of licensing actions include:

  • Correction orders
  • Conditional licenses
  • Temporary immediate suspensions
  • Fines
  • Indefinite suspensions
  • Revocations

Maltreatment and licensing investigations

DHS, counties, or private licensing agencies investigate reports of possible licensing violations and maltreatment of minors or vulnerable adults to help protect the health, safety, and rights of people served.

Appeals and reconsiderations

A provider has the right to appeal licensing actions.

  • Correction orders and conditional licenses are subject to an administrative reconsideration by DHS. The legal division in the Office of Inspector General conducts a review of the order and issues a decision.
  • Fines, license revocations, suspensions, and denials are subject to a contested case hearing that results in a recommendation by an administrative law judge. DHS issues a final decision.
  • When a licensing action is based on a maltreatment determination or a disqualification, all related matters may be consolidated into a single contested case hearing. 
  • Some decisions can be appealed to the Minnesota Court of Appeals.

Information about licensed providers

Information about licensed programs, licensing actions and maltreatment investigations are available on the DHS Licensing Information Lookup.

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