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Residential mental health programs for adults

Residential mental health programs for adults are licensed under Minnesota Rules, sections 9520.0500 through 9520.0670 to provide mental health treatment and services to adults while they live at the program.  There are three types of residential mental health programs that provide different levels of services.  Each program type and level of service is described below. 

Residential mental health programs (Rule 36)

These provide program services to people with mental illness in a residential setting according to the requirements of Minnesota Rules, sections 9520.0500 through 9520.0670 (Rule 36) as either a Category I or Category II program. Category I programs are residential settings that emphasize services provided at the program while encouraging the use of community resources. Category II programs are transitional semi-independent or a supervised group supportive living settings that offer a combination of services provided at the program and services provided in the community and emphasize securing community resources for most daily programming and employment.

Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19)

On March 13, 2020, Governor Tim Walz declared a peacetime emergency related to the COVID-19 pandemic. Licensing is establishing this webpage to provide counties, tribes, providers and members of the public with information specific to responding to the COVID-19 as it relates to DHS programs.

Intensive residential treatment services (IRTS) programs

These provide comprehensive, short-term intensive residential treatment for adults who are experiencing significant difficulty with daily life activities because of a serious mental illness. These programs must follow the requirements of a variance instead of the requirements in Minnesota Rules, sections 9520.0500 through 9520.0670. These regulations also apply to programs that provide crisis intervention and specialized treatment for persons with eating disorders.

Forensic mental health program

This provides residential mental health treatment in a secure or supervised residential setting to adults who have been committed to the care of the Department of Human Services as mentally ill and dangerous. This program is operated by the Minnesota Department of Human Services.
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