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Disability Services innovation grants

People in Minnesota who have disabilities want the same great quality of life that most people in Minnesota enjoy: to work and earn money, live in housing of their choice, choose their care providers, their friends and social activities. It is also important to maximize the capacity, strengths and unique abilities of families to best support their family members with a disability.

The Disability Services Division launched its innovation grants program in 2016 to support new and innovative ideas to achieve these outcomes effectively and efficiently. See the Innovation grants awarded webpage for a list of grantees in prior rounds.


DHS held an online responders’ conference webinar May 20, 2020. The slides shown during the conference are available, including screen grabs of the live demonstration of the online application portal.

We have posted written responses to questions asked at the conference to the DSD innovation grants RFP questions and answers webpage.

You may also submit questions via the DSD contact form.

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