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News releases are retained on the Minnesota Department of Human Services (DHS) website for one year. Copies of older news releases may be requested from the Communications Office. Subscribe to news releases from DHS via email.

Commissioner Piper issues statement on work requirements for Medicaid

1/11/2018 4:00:24 PM

Human Services Commissioner Emily Piper released the following statement regarding work requirements for Medicaid:
“More than 80 percent of the non-disabled, non-senior adults who access health care through Medicaid in Minnesota have at least one worker in their household, according to the Kaiser Family Foundation. Right now, Minnesota has the lowest unemployment rate since 2000. My hope is that public policy makers will focus less on creating complex bureaucratic infrastructures at the county and state levels to impose unnecessary and expensive administrative barriers to people having access to health care, and more on ways to help people access quality, affordable health care when they need it. 
“We support and have supported innovative ways to connect people to employment, such as tailored interventions looking at the whole person, addressing barriers to employment such as serious mental illness and other factors.”
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