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Fact sheets

Fact sheets contain background information on a variety of human services topics. For hard copies or for more information, email DHS Communications. A summary and other information about the 2019 legislative session can be found online.


Elmer L. Andersen Human Services Building (PDF) (December 2017)
Human Services Department helps meet basic needs (December 2018)
Human Services Performance Management System (PDF) (January 2018)

Adoption and foster care

Adoption: Finding families for Minnesota's waiting children (PDF) (August 2018)
Adoption support contract: Working together to help families (PDF) (September 2018)
Relative Permanency Services: Reducing time in foster care (PDF) (November 2018)
Foster care: Temporary out-of-home care for children (PDF) (April 2018)
Northstar Care for Children: Encouraging safe, permanent homes for children (PDF) (September 2018)

Adult mental health

Adult mental health: Strengthening recovery-oriented and community-based services (PDF) (August 2018)


Alternative Care Program (PDF) (February 2019)
Elderly Waiver Program (PDF) (March 2017)
Family caregiving: Essential to Minnesota's long-term services and supports system (PDF) (July 2017)
Minnesota Adult Abuse Reporting Center (PDF) (June 2017)
MnCHOICES Initiative (PDF) (February 2018)
Moving Home Minnesota: Helping people move from institutions to community living (PDF) (January 2018)
Nursing facility facts and figures (PDF) (February 2018)

Child care

Child care assistance: Facts and figures (PDF) (January 2019)
Monitoring licensed child care (February 2018)

Child protection

Child abuse and neglect prevention: Well-being for Minnesota's families (PDF) (April 2018)
Child protection in Minnesota: Keeping children safe (PDF) (August 2018)
Minnesota Citizen Review Panels: Reaching out to protect children (PDF) (July 2018)
Parent Support Outreach Program (PDF) (April 2018) 
Safe Harbor: A path to empowerment for sexually exploited and trafficked youth (PDF) (May 2018)
Safe Place for Newborns law keeps infants safe (PDF) (December 2017)

Children's mental health

Children's mental health: Transforming services and supports to better meet children's needs (PDF) (August 2018)

Child support

Child support in Minnesota: Facts and figures (PDF) (July 2018)


Brain Injury Waiver supports people with brain injuries (PDF) (February 2019)
Community Access for Disability Inclusion Waiver supports people with disabilities (PDF) (February 2019)
Community Alternative Care Waiver serves people who are chronically ill (PDF) (February 2019)
Consumer Support Grant program (PDF) (April 2018)
Deaf and Hard of Hearing Services (PDF) (February 2018)
Developmental Disabilities Waiver supports people with developmental disabilities or related conditions (PDF) (February 2019)
Home and Community Based Services Rule: Promoting supports in integrated settings (PDF) (February 2018)
Increasing access to federal disability benefits: SOAR and Social Security Advocacy (PDF) (February 2018)
Minnesota Adult Abuse Reporting Center (PDF) (June 2017)  
MnCHOICES Initiative (PDF) (February 2018)
Moving Home Minnesota: Helping people move from institutions to community living (PDF) (January 2018)
Personal care assistance (PDF) (February 2018)
Preventing and reducing substance misuse and substance use disorder in Minnesota (PDF) (January 2018)

Economic supports 

Diversionary Work Program: Emphasizing employment (PDF) (February 2019)
Electronic Benefit Transfer (PDF) (August 2018) 
Facts about Minnesota Family Investment Program (PDF) (February 2019)
Family Assets for Independence in Minnesota (PDF) (July 2018)
General Assistance (PDF) (January 2018)
History of the Minnesota Family Investment Program (PDF) (August 2018)
Homelessness in Minnesota: helping to connect people to the services they need (PDF) (February 2019)
Housing Support (PDF) (January 2018) 
Increasing access to federal disability benefits: SOAR and Social Security Advocacy (PDF) (February 2018)
Minnesota Food Shelf Program (PDF) (April 2018)
Minnesota's refugee resettlement programs (PDF) (July 2018)
Minnesota Supplemental Aid (PDF) (January 2018)
Safety-net supports: Basic questions and answers (PDF) (February 2019)
Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program-Education (PDF) (January 2019)
Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program Employment and Training program (PDF) (July 2018)
Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program helps people with low incomes buy food (PDF) (January 2019)
Long Term Homeless Supportive Services Fund (PDF) (January 2018)
The Emergency Food Assistance Program (PDF) (January 2019)   

Health care

Fact sheet: Medicaid and MinnesotaCare (PDF) (March 2018)
The Minnesota Family Planning Program (PDF) (May 2018)
Personal care assistance (PDF) (February 2018)

Information technology

Enterprise Appeals Solution (PDF) (September 2018)
Integrated Service Delivery System - ISDS (PDF) (January 2018)
IT Systems Modernization - Building a Person-Centered Human Service Delivery System (PDF) (January 2017)
MAXIS - public assistance eligibility and payments (PDF) (March 2017)
Medicaid Management Information System (MMIS) (PDF) (April 2018)
Minnesota Electronic Child Care Information System (MEC2) (PDF) (January 2018)
Minnesota Eligibility Technology System (METS) (PDF) (February 2018)
PRISM - child support enforcement and collection (PDF) (January 2018)
Shared Master Index (SMI) (PDF) (February 2018)
Social Services Information System (SSIS) (PDF) (January 2018)

Minnesota Sex Offender Program (MSOP)

Minnesota Sex Offender Program overview (PDF) (February 2018)
Minnesota Sex Offender Program treatment overview (PDF) (February 2018)
Minnesota Sex Offender Program Provisional Discharge and Reintegration (PDF) (February 2018) 
Minnesota Sex Offender Program Community Preparation Services (PDF) (February 2018) 

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