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Emergency background studies end

Emergency studies are no longer valid. Individuals who only have an emergency study must have a fully compliant, fingerprint-based background study.

Roster maintenance

  • Individuals with a completed emergency study will remain on the entity’s roster unless the entity removes the individual. Entities should remove individuals with emergency studies that are no longer affiliated.
  • If the individual should no longer be affiliated and has a new fully compliant background study, the entity should wait until the individual is separated and then remove both the emergency study and fully compliant study from their roster at the same time.
  • All entities are responsible for maintaining their rosters regularly and removing study subjects from their roster when they are no longer affiliated.
  • Entities are responsible for identifying who needs to submit a new background study. For help identifying which study subjects still have an emergency study and need a fully compliant study, entities should refer to the instructional guide, “Identifying Emergency Studies” in the help section of NETStudy 2.0.

Emergency study status

  • Expiration dates for emergency studies are displayed as 12/31/2022 in NETStudy 2.0.
  • The Background Studies Division no longer reviews new records or information for an individual who only has an emergency study in NETStudy 2.0.
  • DHS may receive rap back information on individuals with emergency studies; however, no reviews or actions will be taken on this information because emergency studies are no longer valid.

Supervision requirements

The waiver for direct contact supervision requirements has expired. Regular program supervision requirements were in effect as of Jan. 1, 2023.

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