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Minnesota Child Support Parenting Time Calendar Tool

The Minnesota Department of Human Services Child Support Division created this tool to help parents, attorneys, and child support professionals count the number of court-ordered overnights each parent has with their children when parents don't live together.

The calendar tool calculates an average number of overnights over a two-year period and may include a standard schedule, holidays, other overnights and overnight equivalents as determined by court order.

Enter the average number of overnights generated by this tool on line 15b of the Minnesota Child Support Guidelines Calculator found at, to get an estimate on the amount of child support the court may order on a case.

If there are multiple children with different parenting time schedules, complete separate calendars to count the number of overnights for each child. Enter the results for each child on line 15b of the Minnesota Child Support Guidelines Calculator.

Section 1. Enter the names of the parents sharing parenting time. Click 'Next step'.

Section 2. Select a starting date for the calendar. The date may be in the past, today's date, or a future date. Click on 'Generate calendar'.

Section 3. Click on a tab to select a parent. Use the drop down options in the 'Frequency', 'Overnight(s)', and 'Starting' fields to select parenting time patterns. If a parent has multiple overnight patterns, repeat the process for each overnight pattern. Select or deselect individual overnights on the calendar by clicking on the specific date on the calendar.

For example: If the court order states Parent A has the child overnight every Monday and every other weekend, select 'Every' in the 'Frequency' drop down and 'Monday' in the 'Overnight(s)' drop down and click 'Populate.' Then, select "Every other" and "Weekend" and click "Populate" again to complete the second pattern.

Click on the other parent's tab. Repeat the process above to select overnights for the second parent or to select all remaining unassigned overnights for the second parent. Click 'Populate'.

Note: The dates shown in gold squares are federal holidays plus Mother's Day and Father's Day. The dates are not pre-selected for either parent.

1. Enter the parents' names

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