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Broadband Task Force

Office of Broadband Development


In 2011, then-Governor Mark Dayton created a Task Force on Broadband by executive order which met throughout his terms in office (2011-2018). The Task Force was charged with developing an action plan to identify and correct disparities in access and adoption of broadband in all Minnesota communities, with a goal of ensuring that homes, schools, hospitals, and businesses have access to the technology and information resources they need. The Task Force met monthly and the minutes and presentations from those meetings can be found at the tab "Meeting Minutes and Materials" below. Each year, the Task Force issued an annual report, and those reports can be found under the "Annual Reports" tab.

Several initiatives recommended by the Task Force ultimately ended up being adopted in law, including the creation of an Office of Broadband Development, the establishment of a Border to Border Broadband Infrastructure grant program, and the goals that all homes and businesses have access to broadband service of at least 25Mbps download and 3Mbps upload by 2022 and that all homes and businesses have access to at least one provider offering service of at least 100Mbps download/20Mbps upload by 2026. During its term, the Task Force saw the availability of broadband at the 25Mbps download/3Mbps upload increase from just under 70% in 2011 to almost 91% in 2018 and the Office of Broadband Development award over $85 million in broadband infrastructure grants.

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