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March 2023 - Minnesota Economic Trends

This edition of Minnesota Economic Trends includes articles that: examine reemployment among Minnesotans laid off at the height of the pandemic; analyze employment, educational and other economic trends and disparities related to the Hispanic or Latino labor force in Minnesota; a closer look at declines in government employment; and more.

Reemployment After COVID-19 Layoffs in Minnesota

This article examines employment outcomes two years later for Minnesotans laid off during the initial months of the pandemic. Who has not yet reentered the workforce? Who reentered and then switched industry? And who suffered the greatest loss of wages?

Working from Home is Working

COVID-19 upended many aspects of life and work. Perhaps one of the most notable changes has been the increase in the number of people working from home.

Minnesota Public Sector Employment Recovery from the Pandemic Recession

Private sector employment in Minnesota has recovered to its pre-pandemic level, while the public sector employment rebound has lagged. Sluggish employment rebound in local government jobs, including positions at public schools, is one big factor in the lagging public sector employment recovery.

Challenges and Changes in Minnesota's Leisure & Hospitality Industry

Minnesota’s important Leisure & Hospitality sector has faced many challenges over the past few years. Find out about the biggest current issues and learn about potential future challenges and opportunities.

The Gender Math Gap and its Effects on Earnings

New research shows that the gender math gap in high school likely contributes to the gender wage gap post high school. Find out how standardized math scores and Career and Technical Education course choices can predict future earnings.

The Great Resignation in Minnesota

Since the end of the Pandemic Recession, employers have been struggling with a historically tight labor market, exacerbated by higher-than-normal quit rates among workers. One big reason workers are quitting is to go to another employer who pays more. But that isn’t the case for all workers, especially older ones. And not all employers have the capacity to pay more to attract more workers.

Hispanic and Latino Minnesotans: An analysis of employment, educational and other economic trends and disparities related to the labor force

Understanding the demographic trends and scope of disparities is an important tool for crafting stronger solutions for communities. This analysis offers an updated look at some of the major demographic, labor force, economic, and educational trends and disparities in the Hispanic or Latino community in Minnesota.

Can Regaining Immigration Levels Help Resolve Minnesota’s Tight Labor Market?

New research from DEED shows how increasing international immigration to levels seen prior to 2015 could help offset a significant portion of the labor force decline we've witnessed recently.

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