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May 2018 - Minnesota Employment Review

Download this issue in PDF or use the links below to select an article.

Minnesota Job Outlook for 1st Quarter 2018 to 1st Quarter 2019

The short term forecast, 2018 – 2019, sees growth in the coming year, and sees it in some detail, all of which is presented here.

Healthcare Trends in Central Minnesota

Central Minnesota’s economy has nearly 50,000 jobs in Health Care and Social Assistance, a core industry and likely to grow.

County Snapshots

In our relentless march through the counties of Minnesota, this month we admire Nobles, Norman, Olmsted, and Otter Tail counties.

Fun with Statistics

Fun With Statistics looks at the growing diversity in the Minnesota workforce by Total State and by Workforce Development Board regions. You get hard data on diversity and a chance to figure out what your Workforce Development Board region is.

Industrial Analysis

An analysis of the current month’s employment picture broken out by industry.

Regional Analysis

An analysis of the current month’s employment picture broken out by Metropolitan Statistical Area.

Minnesota Economic Indicators

A comprehensive look at economic indicators for April 2018, including the Minnesota and U.S. Indices.

Consumer Price Index

Information on the U.S. Consumer Price Index for April 2018.

The Last Word

If you’ve ever wondered exactly what WIOA stands for and if we pronounce it as if it was a word, here’s your chance to find out the first. You don’t want to hear government employees pronounce another acronym.

Local Area Unemployment Statistics

The Local Area Unemployment Statistics or LAUS tool provides labor force, employment, and unemployment estimates.

Current Employment Statistics

The Current Employment Statistics (CES) Program, a monthly survey of 5,900 nonfarm employers, provides monthly data on employment by industry. The data offer a snapshot of the health of the economy.

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