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January 2019 - Minnesota Employment Review

Download this issue in PDF or use the links below to select an article.

A Comparative Analysis of the Economic Status of Native-Born and Foreign-Born Residents of Minnesota

Since the economy of Minnesota is depending more and more on immigrant employment to keep its industries growing, this feature compares what both the native-born and the foreign-born bring to their jobs.

Logging In: Northeast Minnesota's Forest Products Industry

Logging was a cornerstone of the NE Minnesota economy in its early days. It’s still there.

Fun With Statistics

This month’s Fun With Statistics compares job openings, median wages, and some other job attributes since 2001. Happy clicking on the interactive screen.

County Snapshots

It’s the end of an era, the era of County Snapshots. If you’ve always wondered what we did with businesses that work in Minnesota but don’t have physical locations here, we explain.

Industrial Analysis

An analysis of the current month’s employment picture broken out by industry.

Regional Analysis

An analysis of the current month’s employment picture broken out by Metropolitan Statistical Area.

Minnesota Economic Indicators

A comprehensive look at economic indicators for December 2018, including the Minnesota and U.S. Indices.

Consumer Price Index

Information on the U.S. Consumer Price Index for December 2018.

Local Area Unemployment Statistics

The Local Area Unemployment Statistics or LAUS tool provides labor force, employment, and unemployment estimates.

Current Employment Statistics

The Current Employment Statistics (CES) Program, a monthly survey of 5,900 nonfarm employers, provides monthly data on employment by industry. The data offer a snapshot of the health of the economy.
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