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The Job Interview

You've come to the moment in you job search when your hard work has paid off. You've received an interview.

Take a moment to celebrate. Then start preparing. Here we cover all the things you'll want to do to make the best possible impression during your interview.

Interview Preparation

The time before your interview should be spent preparing. Start with a list of anticipated questions. Practice your answers.

Types of Interviews

Three common types of interviews are telephone screening, in-person screening and the selection interview. Learn more about each of them here.

Communicate Your Best Image

Put your best foot forward in an interview arriving on time, being organized and prepared, and sending the right signals.

Key Interview Questions

Employers use all kinds of interview strategies. Let's look at some typical interview questions and the implications and motivations behind them.

The Toughest Questions

Guidance on tough-to-answer interview questions, things that might touch on past work difficulties or personally delicate or embarrassing matters.

Illegal and Legal Questions

There are certain kinds of questions that are off limits for employers during an interview. We cover the things they can and can't ask about.

Reasons You Didn't Get Hired

When you don't get the job, it's only natural to wonder why. What went wrong? Was it you? A few things to think about.

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