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Contact Information

Please contact VRS Community Partnerships staff with questions or concerns. Here are Community Partnerships staff areas of expertise.

P/T Contracts

We have a new staffing structure to support our community partners that I am excited to share with you. Sara Sundeen will join Anne Paulson in supporting our VRS community partners particularly on matters relating to the Vocational Rehabilitation program.

Both Anne and Sara will work with community partners and VRS staff to process P/T contracts and amendments and follow up on issues regarding invoices, reports, and payments. Sara and Anne will not only work on your Vocational Rehabilitation program P/T contracts, they will also work to build broader and deeper relationships with you and your organizations. Anne and Sara will be joining the Business Engagement Network meetings and will be looking for additional opportunities to get to know your organizations, your services, and your staff.

A list of who is in Anne’s portfolio and Sara’s portfolio is found on the List of Community Partners. Generally, Anne will work with the providers in the Northern region and Sara will work with providers in the Southern region, and the Metro region is split between the two by provider, not geography. You can always default to contacting all three of us and we will figure out who follows up on our end.

Individual Placement and Supports

  • Claire Courtney, VRS Senior Rehabilitation Program Consultant, 651-259-7361

Centers for Independent Living

Extended Employment Program

Deaf and Hard of Hearing Grant Program

Grant Applications

Partners may also contact Lori Thorpe, VRS Director of Community Partnerships, 651-274-8880 or

Additional VRS Contacts

Letters of Support

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