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Site Cleanup and Redevelopment

Reclaiming and redeveloping contaminated and blighted properties is essential for communities to remain vital and in the best possible position to attract new commercial, industrial and residential growth.

Contamination Cleanup and Investigation Grant

Helps pay for assessing and cleaning contaminated sites for private or public redevelopment.

Cleanup Revolving Loan Program

Provides low-interest loans through the U.S. EPA to clean up contaminated sites that can be returned to marketable use.

Redevelopment Grant Program

Helps communities with the costs of redeveloping blighted industrial, residential, or commercial sites and putting land back into productive use.

Demolition Loan Program

Helps with the costs of demolishing blighted buildings on sites that have future development potential but no current plans.

Resources and Workshops

Information about available assistance for site cleanup and redevelopment.

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