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Central Region

central-minnesota-mapCentral Minnesota is a manufacturing stronghold, with several global manufacturing firms operating there.

The region is especially well known for its expertise in food processing, printing, furniture manufacturing, appliances, machinery and heavy equipment manufacturing.

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Entry Level Demand

July 2016 - Employers expect basic skills starting with new hires

Places 2 Go

June 2016 - 230 bus drivers provide vital support for one percent.

Refreshing Data

May 2016 - OES receives a breath of fresh data.

Central Minnesota Geek-Out

April 2016 - Computers offer strong career start.

High Skill, High Demand

Mar. 15, 2016 - Skills and education match-making.

Personal Care Aides Lend a Helping Hand

Feb. 18, 2016 - Wanted: thousands of hands.

Eyeing a Career in Beauty

Jan. 14, 2016 - Looking for a shortcut into a cosmetology career? Don't!

Part-Time Openings in Central Minnesota

Dec. 15, 2015 - Jobs that provide flexible work opportunities.

The Commuting Conundrum

Nov. 30, 2015 - Your commute costs more than you realize.

Going, Growing, and No Signs of Slowing

Oct. 20, 2015 - Growing, no signs of slowing.

Occupations in Demand

Sep. 25, 2015 - A regional theme to jobs.

Keep on Trucking

Sep. 22, 2015 - Ideal location for ground transportation.

Data Driven Job Seeking

Jul. 15, 2015 - Big data is here to stay.

Central Minnesota's Poultry Situation

Jun. 18, 2015 - Critical industry update.

School's Out! Now What?

May 22, 2015 - Employment for teens.

The Silver Lining to the Silver Tsunami

Apr. 27, 2015 - Retirements bring new job opportunities.

Electricians in Central Minnesota

Feb. 10, 2015 - Regional spotlight on this important occupation.

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