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Hiring Difficulties in Minnesota

How prevalent are hiring difficulties in Minnesota? To what extent are skills mismatches responsible for these difficulties? What other factors play a role? How serious a problem are skills mismatches for Minnesota employers?

Findings from the first round of the Hiring Difficulties Study, a telephone survey of employers with recent open positions in occupations that have been identified as potentially experiencing a skills gap, are available below. Stay tuned for more articles and analysis from this ongoing research.

View, download and/or print the following articles and reports.

Second Round Report: Are skilled workers scarce? (16 pages) offering a comprehensive picture of hiring difficulties in 13 nursing, engineering, production and information technology occupations. This report summarizes results of the fall 2012 and spring 2013 rounds of the Hiring Difficulties Survey.

First Round Report (25 pages) offering a comprehensive picture of hiring difficulties in nine nursing, engineering and production occupations. Survey was conducted during fall 2012.

Are There Skills Gaps in Manufacturing?

Findings on Skills Gaps in Information Technology

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