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Labor Market Reports

Read our analysis of Minnesota's labor market conditions and trends.

Minnesota Employment Review

A monthly publication that examines labor market conditions and key economic indicators statewide.

Minnesota Economic Trends

Our quarterly magazine that provides expert analysis of the state's labor market, industries and economy.

Cost of Living Report

The Cost of Living Study provides an estimate of a basic-needs cost of living in Minnesota for individuals and for various family sizes, by county, region, and statewide.

Minnesota's Graduate Employment Outcomes

Using data for better educational and career choices.

Hiring Difficulties in Minnesota

How wide is the skills gap? Findings from a statewide telephone survey of employers.

The Path to Workforce Success

Choosing a career is serious business. These handouts provide regional data to help guide students and jobseekers.

The Importance of Immigration

In the face of increasingly tight labor markets, a growing scarcity of workers is now recognized as one of Minnesota’s most significant barriers to sustained economic growth. Immigrants have become critical to Minnesota’s economy, providing a rapid stream of new workers to bolster our aging native-born workforce.

Racial Disparities

Racial disparities in education, employment, and income exist and persist for a wide variety of reasons, but the economic challenges and opportunities every region in Minnesota will face over the next 15 years are so great that they will need to be tackled with a multi-pronged approach to attracting, retaining, and training workers of all demographic characteristics.

Generations in the Workplace

There are now six generations living and working in Minnesota. The shifting age structure between younger and older generations is having a big impact on labor force availability, making comparisons of the number of students to the number of people reaching retirement age more important than ever.

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