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Data for Job Seekers

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Before you pick a major, head down a career path or start a job search, these data tools can help you research the options and see which opportunities stand out.

Career and Education Explorer

What kinds of jobs can I do? And where can I get the education I need? The Career and Education Explorer lets you explore a wide range of occupations and related education in a single online tool.

Career Pathways

The primary goal of the Career Pathways dashboard is to help students and job seekers understand how their educational path matches employment opportunities.

Employment Outlook

The Employment Outlook data tool shows one-year and ten-year projections of employment growth or decline by occupation and industry for Minnesota's regions, statewide, and for the U.S.

Graduate Employment Outcomes

See how many graduates find jobs in Minnesota, by industry, wage and education.

Job Vacancy Survey

The Job Vacancy Survey data tool shows the number of job openings, typical wage offers, and typical education requirements by occupation and industry, by region and statewide.

Match Jobs to Experience

Enter the title of a job you’ve done, and get a list of other jobs you can do with that experience.

Occupational Employment and Wage Statistics

The OEWS data tool shows employment estimates and typical wages by occupation and region in Minnesota. This information can help employers set wages and can help job seekers and students explore careers.

Occupations in Demand

The OID tool allows you to find out what jobs are in high demand in each region of the state. The typical wage, long-term employment outlook, training (or degree) required and schools that offer training programs for each occupation are also listed.

The Path to Career Success

Choosing a career is serious business. These printable PDF handouts provide regional data to help guide students and job seekers through the career exploration process.


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