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Compare Minnesota with other states, major metropolitan areas and other geographic locations in economic and social indicators. See why the state is a top destination to invest and live.

Compare Minnesota to Other States

Compare Minnesota to other states in taxes, energy costs, exports, educational attainment, patents, workforce, quality of life, and more.

Compare Minneapolis-St. Paul with Other Metros

See why Minneapolis-St. Paul is among the top metropolitan areas in Fortune 500 companies per capita, educational attainment and other indicators.

Compare Minnesota Counties

See how Minnesota counties compare with each other.

Compare Minnesota Areas

See how Minnesota metro and micropolitan areas compare with each other.


Welcome to Minnesota. It’s a state unlike any other. Truly. We’re often recognized for our 10,000 lakes, our fresh air, Midwest work ethic and resilience, but we’re much more. Our state is home to more than 5.5 million Minnesotans, and our diversity of culture, environment and economic landscape means that we’re telling the honest truth when we say there’s something for everyone here.

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