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College Major to Industry of Employment

When choosing a major it’s hard to know what to expect. Will future earnings justify today’s investments in a college education? Upon completion of a major, will I be able to enter an industry related to my major? Do I envision myself working in the industries where most other graduates in my major have found employment? This tool shows which industries hire graduates from 405 different majors, allowing users to answer the following questions:

  • What hourly pay can a graduate from a specific major expect three years after graduation? Knowing the inflation-adjusted wage of actual students who completed the program helps prospective students gauge how long it will take to earn a family-sustaining wage and recoup their educational investments.
  • What industries employ graduates by major and how much are new graduates paid in these industries? Knowing which industries are most likely to hire graduates by major and type of degree or certification can help students determine if the program matches their career expectations.

Hovering over the data bars allows users to view a list of occupations that a specific program might prepare students for. Some majors are a better fit for certain occupations than others. For guidance on using and interpreting the tool, see this article by Alessia Leibert. The tool uses the same data as the Graduate Employment Outcomes (GEO) tool, also created by Alessia Leibert.

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