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Why Minnesota

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Business. Economy. Wealth. Health. Culture. Nature. Happiness. Any way you look at us, Minnesota is the envy of the nation. See for yourself why CNBC named us America's Top State for Business.


See How We Scored

The judging criteria and total points we earned in each category.

Cost of Doing Business

Tax climate, utility costs, wages, state-sponsored incentives and more.

Access to Capital

A place where entrepreneurs can find the capital to startup or expand.


Our most important competitive advantage is our unrivaled workforce.

Cost of Living

All the basics: Housing, food, energy, healthcare, transportation and more.


Diverse, stable industries. Strong growth. Low unemployment rates.

Business Friendliness

Some of the world's most successful companies started and thrive here.

Quality of Life

Beauty. Bounty. Sophistication. Simplicity. Nobody does it better. Period.


Roads. Bridges. Airlines. Ports. Utilities. Things that keep commerce moving.


From preschool to post-doctorates, education is at the heart of our success.

Innovation & Tech

We prize innovation. We nurture ideas. And we've got what it takes support them.

Regional Profiles

Each region of Minnesota offers unique qualities and distinct advantages.

Contact Us

Questions about your business startup, relocation or expansion? Let us help.
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