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Business Climate

collage of people in professional situations

Minnesota has four distinct seasons, but our business climate is always warm and sunny. Strong pro-business policies, competitive tax rates, lower operating expenses, and streamlined regulatory processes provide ideal conditions for growth.

High-Ranking Performance

Minnesota routinely ranks as one of the best, most competitive places in the nation for business.

Taxes and Operating Expenses

Competitive business taxes are a distinct advantage when it comes to the costs of doing business.

World-Class Support Services

Abundant professional, technical and creative services to help companies succeed.

Compare Minneapolis-St. Paul with Other Metros

See why Minneapolis-St. Paul is among the top metropolitan areas in Fortune 500 companies per capita, educational attainment and other indicators.

Compare Minnesota to Other States

Compare Minnesota to other states in taxes, energy costs, exports, educational attainment, patents, workforce, quality of life, and more.

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