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Export Counseling and Assistance

Our regional trade managers guide companies through the challenges of conducting international business.

From basic guidance for companies new to exporting, to technical, regulatory and logistical information for more experienced companies, to market intelligence and research, to the art conducting business across borders and cultures, our regional trade managers have answers for your most pressing questions.

Trade Assistance Helpline

For general trade assistance the helpline at 651-259-7498 to reach a regional trade manager who can either answer your questions or make appropriate referrals. Email us and someone will followup with you quickly.

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Market or Industry Specific Assistance

For trade questions that are related to specific markets or industries, contact the appropriate regional trade manager listed below.

Market Experts

Canada and Mexico (NAFTA)

Barbara Mattson

Latin America and the Caribbean

Rachel Limon

Greater China, Southeast Asia and Pacific Oceania


Japan, Korea and ASEAN


European Union and Western Europe


Eastern Europe and Central Asia

Mykola Megits, MBA, PhD

Middle East, India and Africa

Abdiwahab Mohamed

Industry Experts

Agribusiness & Machinery

Mykola Megits, MBA, PhD


Rachel Limon

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