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Reporting Services

In order to enhance report development efficiencies and to improve reporting value to business users, MNIT-DEED has implemented Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Services platform.

Existing reports that are currently supported by MNIT-DEED will be migrated to this new platform over time, and reporting enhancements will be incrementally added as the reporting services platform, reporting tools, and technologies mature.

DEED Reporting Services Access Request Form

Complete and sign this required form prior to accessing DEED Reporting Services in order to provide appropriate security access to information.

Self Service Reset Password Management Tool Instructions

This tool is for use by non-DEED partner contracted employees. DEED employees should not use this tool for password resets.

DEED Reporting Services Login Process

This document describes the login process for accessing DEED Reporting Services over an external network.

Reporting Services User Guide

A step-by-step guide for how to log-in and navigate the DEED Reporting Services Web Portal, complete with screen shot illustrations.

Report Request Form

Use this form to request development of new reports from the DEED Reporting Services Group.

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