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Office of Adult Career Pathways


The adult employment and training grants, administered by DEED’s Adult Career Pathways Department, provide adults who traditionally face multiple barriers to employment, and who are in need of enhanced educational services, wrap-around support, and supportive services, to be successful in securing long-term family sustaining wages. Services are intended to help eliminate racial disparities and large economic gaps in Minnesota and increase Minnesotans’ literacy and access to high-growth and high-wage jobs.

Within DEED’s Employment & Training Division, Adult Career Pathways programs focus on programs that place an emphasis on the following three themes:

  • Equity - Adult Career Pathways programs seek to build an inclusive, skilled workforce and reduce disparities based on race, disability, and gender.
  • Innovation - Adult Career Pathways programs recognize that new solutions must be developed to respond to new and ongoing challenges in our workforce and communities.
  • Performance - Adult Career Pathways programs are built on a foundation of partnerships, most significantly between program providers and employers through Job Placement, Wage Rate, Job Retention, and Credential Attainment. Program performance outcomes can be viewed at Uniform Report Card.

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