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$3.7M Angel Tax Credits for Women-owned Businesses Still Available

8/25/2015 10:14:43 AM

DEED’s Angel Tax Credit Program offers a financial boost to businesses owned by women, but that funding will end Oct. 1.

There is a remaining $3.7 million in Angel Tax credits (as of Aug. 24) for businesses owned by women or minorities, or based in Greater Minnesota. After Oct. 1, any remaining tax credits not allocated to these designated groups will be made available to others.

To date, 20 women-owned businesses have been certified by the popular tax credit program. Investors of nine (45 percent) businesses have received a total of $1,272,108 in tax credits. The tax credits have ranged from $5,000 to $360,453. The average Angel Tax credit was $141,345.

The businesses and tax credits issued are:

CareQuo LLC, Minneapolis, $10,000

The startup CareQuo is a life optimization technology company founded by entrepreneur Michelle Chaffee. CareQuo's software product, Alska (meaning 'love' in Swedish), was developed from her patient care advocacy experience and gives caregivers the ability to store, manage and share information while maintaining critical communications with stakeholders.

Kidizen Inc., Minneapolis, $73,549

Kidizen is a website for parents and others to buy and sell items for kids such as clothing, gear, toys and more for kids.

Myeloma Cure LLC, Woodbury, $125,000

Myeloma Cure, located in Woodbury, provides health care services.

Precioustatus LCC, Minneapolis, $212,500

Precioustatus provides real-time engagement between parents, teacher and children and clinicians and families.

Revolution Fuels Inc., St. Louis Park, $360,453

Revolution Fuels has mobile biodiesel production technology. Waste greases - from food production, protein production, frying, foodservice, or rendering - are transformed into biodiesel onsite.

Seven Sundays LLC, Minneapolis, $115,625

Seven Sundays is on a mission to make breakfasts special with muesli.

Sportsdigita, Minneapolis, $162,500

Sportsdigita is an interactive sports agency specializing in digital sponsorship, ticketing and fan engagement products for professional sports teams.

The Restful Jaw Company, St. Paul, $5,000

The Restful Jaw is an innovation in patient comfort that minimizes jaw pain from opening the mouth during dental procedures.

Vios Medical Inc, St. Paul, $207,481

Vios Medical, Inc. develops wireless monitoring platform for intensive healthcare applications.

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