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September 2020 - Minnesota Economic Trends

Our September issue of Trends provides information about how the COVID-19 pandemic has affected different industries and workers. Our cover story looks at the health care industry workforce during the pandemic. We also provide a state-by-state comparison of labor market indicators. Other articles include an examination of where the workers are in Northeast Minnesota, a look at the early learning industry - which has sustained a quiet crisis for decades - during COVID, as well as a look at labor market outcomes of Latinos who attended higher education in Minnesota and an article explaining the state's Eligible Training Provider List.

Early Care and Education: Profile of an Industry in Crisis

Even before COVID-19, the early care and education industry, critical to Minnesota’s workers and employers, had been experiencing a quiet crisis. While the cost of care is high, pay is low, often not even meeting the basic cost of living wage required in the communities in which these programs operate.

Minnesota’s Health Care Employment Amid a Pandemic

The health care industry is vital during a pandemic, yet there have been unique challenges to the employment pipeline and the paradox of layoffs during a public health emergency. This article examines employment changes and workforce demographics in a variety of health care settings.

Where Are the Job Seekers?

Some employers say they had a hard time filling in-demand jobs because workers were making as much or more than they could earn on the job through temporary supplemental federal unemployment benefits. This article explores whether supplemental benefits played a role in hiring difficulties and what other factors could explain the ongoing lack of workers applying to fill in-demand jobs.

Tracking State Labor Market Indicators Through the Pandemic

Comparison of Minnesota’s labor market indicators over the first six months of the pandemic to those in other states shows that Minnesota’s job market initially deteriorated slightly less than most states. But since then the state’s job market rebound hasn’t been as robust as in many other states.

Understanding Unemployment During the Pandemic Period

A recurring issue in labor market statistics during the pandemic period has been the wide gap between Unemployment Insurance (UI) continued claims and the number of unemployed labor force participants and, as a result, a lower unemployment rate than would be expected based on continued claims data.

The Experience of Latinos in Higher Education and in the Workforce

This article explores the labor market outcomes of Latinos who attended higher education in Minnesota

Training for a Career Next Step: Minnesota’s Eligible Training Provider List

Our economy is shifting in unprecedented ways. As a result, people are seeking training and education to advance their own career and to better align their skills with industries and occupations in demand now.

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