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June 2022 - Minnesota Economic Trends

Our annual state-of-the-state issue of Trends provides an overview of Minnesota’s labor market changes and job growth and takes a close look at each of the state’s six regions, as well as examining wages and inflation, the role of Career and Technical Education in retaining workforce in Greater Minnesota, and more.

Recovering from Recession: Employment and Labor Force Trends

This article provides an overview of employment growth and labor force trends as Minnesota continues to recover from the economic impacts of the pandemic.

Wages and Inflation in Minnesota

This article examines the various ways of measuring both wage and other compensation increases and how inflation impacts real purchasing power.

High School Career and Technical Education as a Workforce Development and Retention Strategy

This article documents the challenges of workforce retention in Greater Minnesota among college-age individuals and examines the role that high school Career and Technical Education (CTE) can play in mitigating them.

A New Labor Market Era in the Metro Area

As we enter the summer of 2022, labor markets throughout the state of Minnesota continue to navigate through uncharted territory.

The Labor Force at Large in Northeast

The decline of the labor force in Northeast Minnesota has been the story of the last two-plus years in our world of labor market analysis.

More Vacancies, Fewer Workers in Central Minnesota

More than two years after the pandemic halted the longest economic expansion in our history, Central Minnesota and the entire state have not yet recovered all the jobs lost during the two-month pandemic recession.

Southeast Minnesota Continues Thriving

As Southeast Minnesota’s economy emerges from the pandemic period, the labor market is getting back to normal.

Holding Back Growth in Southwest Minnesota

As Southwest Minnesota's economy continues to recover from the pandemic recession, the region's labor force constraints continue to hold back more robust growth.

Almost Back to Normal in Northwest

Of the six regions in the state, Northwest Minnesota is the closest to being back to their pre-pandemic normal.

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