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June 2021 - Minnesota Economic Trends

LMI analysts provide a summary look at Minnesota’s labor market and employment trends in our annual State of the State issue, including articles that focus on regional trends throughout the state. In addition, analysts take a deep dive on one of the driving questions of the day that many employers across Minnesota are asking: where are the workers?

Letter from the Director

This annual state of the state issue of Trends.

Labor Market Trends During the Pandemic Recession: Jobs, Vacancies, Unemployment, and Labor Force Participation in Minnesota

The pandemic recession is unlike any other recession we've seen in a number of ways.

Southwest Minnesota's Labor Landscape

Like the rest of Minnesota, the labor force in the Southwest planning region has been shrinking throughout the past year, making it harder for employers to find workers to fill their open positions.

Labor Market Shifts in the Metro Area

The Seven-County Metro Area's labor force shifted dramatically over the course of 2020.

Natural Assets are at the Core of Northeast Minnesota's Economy

The pandemic recession hit some industries harder than others, including those that are highly concentrated in Northeast Minnesota.

Labor Market Shifts in Northwest Minnesota

As the regional economy continues to return to normal following the pandemic recession, employers in Northwest Minnesota are in hiring mode again but they're finding a tight labor market.

Labor Lost Amid Record Job Openings

Outside of the Twin Cities, Central Minnesota has more jobs and more job openings than any other region, but recently its share of openings (job vacancies) outpaced its share of employment, with 11.1% of the state's openings compared to 9.7% of the state's employment in 2020.

Nursing Southeast Minnesota’s Economy Back to Health

After the pandemic recession shook up the labor market last year, Southeast Minnesota has settled back into a tight labor market.

Reemployment After COVID-19 Layoffs in Minnesota: Early Findings

This study presents early findings about Minnesota workers who were laid off during the first months of the pandemic (March through June of 2020) and the most up-to-date information we have about their employment status.

More than Simple Supply and Demand

One of the most talked about issues of the pandemic recovery is employers' inability to find workers. This article explores ways employers can recruit, hire and retain the workers they need during this unique labor market moment.

Why Are There Unfilled Jobs Amid High Unemployment?

During the COVID-19 pandemic, the impact of business restrictions or changes in consumer behavior in some industries created new employment opportunities elsewhere. However, available workers may not match up with available jobs for a variety of reasons.

COVID-19 and Ex-Offender Employment

One of the major barriers that individuals with a criminal background face is obtaining stable and satisfying employment. Job losses during the early parts of the pandemic recession may have disproportionately affected workers with a criminal record.

First Quarter Forecast: A Rapid Rebound

This forecast projects job growth in Minnesota between the first quarter of 2021 and the first quarter of 2022. Minnesota's job recovery from the pandemic accelerated during the first quarter of 2021 and is expected to remain strong throughout 2021 as COVID-19 cases continue to decline and hiring ramps up.

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