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Using the Internet and Social Media

The Internet has been a boon and a bane for job seekers. You can find an opening in your field in five minutes only to learn that 500 other applicants have found it too.

Here we cover how to make the best of the Internet and social media without giving short shrift to other important job-seeking activities.

Job Hunting Online

Many job counselors warn that the Internet can be a giant swamp where you can apply and apply and apply — day after day after day — to no avail.

Tips for Internet Job Searches

Using the Internet for research isn’t the same as surfing the Internet. Researching is focused and deliberate. Surfing is aimless wandering.

Social Media Services

Social media sites continue to evolve. Some that are popular today may be replaced by new technologies in the future.

Other Social Media Websites

Short for weblog, blogs can be used for individuals, professionals, businesses, corporations or specific genres.

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