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Job Search Guide

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Our guide provides the sound insights and practical advice you need to plan and launch a successful job search. Check out the topics below.

Career Planning

If you've lost your job, want to change careers, or are a new job hunter, you've got decisions to make. Here we help you decide what comes next.

Preparing for the Job Hunt

Successful job searches almost always start with a plan. Here we offer tips on getting organized and doing your research before you begin.

Identifying Your Skills

Understand your skills and how they can be applied to a variety of different jobs and work tasks. Learn to communicate those skills to employers.

Resumes and Cover Letters

Business cards, resumes and cover letters, portfolios are the basics that should be in every job seeker's toolkit. We provide samples and ideas for each.

Applications and References

Learn how to make the best of these tools and present yourself and samples of your work with polish and professionalism.

How People Find Work

We take you through the most common hiring processes and explore some of the places you might look for work.

The Internet and Social Media

Using social media is a growing part of today's job search. Learn which tools are the most useful and how to use them effectively.

Facing Unemployment Over 50

Job seekers over age 50 can encounter some unique obstacles. Learn to anticipate them, work around them, and see the opportunities ahead.

The Job Interview

From the first handshake to the parting words, we cover everything you'll want to do to make the best possible impression during your interview.

Finishing Touches

Every job search needs finishing touches — those often overlooked actions likely to impress potential employers even if you don’t get the job.

Case Studies

Sometimes it helps to get practical advice from people who've been in your shoes. See how other Minnesotans handled their job searches.

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