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Infrastructure Funding

Systems for purifying, storing and distributing drinking water. Safe and sanitary wastewater treatment. Solid roads. Decent housing stock. Public facilities. We help communities finance the construction of the basic infrastructure they need to protect public health and safety and pave the way for economic growth.

Clean Water Revolving Fund

This fund helps communities build or upgrade wastewater treatment plants to comply with discharge standards in the federal Clean Water Act.

Drinking Water Revolving Fund

This fund helps communities build drinking water storage, treatment and distribution systems that comply with standards in the Safe Drinking Water Act.

Point Source Implementation Grant

Provides grants to units of local government to assist with the cost of wastewater treatment or storm water projects.

Small Community Wastewater Treatment

Funding to help replace non-complying septic systems and straight pipes with systems that will be publicly owned, operated and maintained.

Transportation Revolving Loan

Financing for state, local and other government entities for transportation projects approved by the Minnesota Department of Transportation.

Water Infrastructure Fund

Provides supplemental grants to help communities build water treatment projects that address environmental or public health problems.

Credit Enhancement Program

This program helps cities and counties reduce the costs of borrowing to build certain public facilities.

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