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Data for Government

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State and local governments can use data to make smarter decisions. Our tools and experts can help your community.

Current Economic Highlights

Find out how Minnesota’s labor market is performing on a number of job and employment-related fronts.

Regional Labor Markets

Explore your region's labor market. Find comprehensive Regional Profiles and County Profiles you can download in PDF, as well as links to articles and data tools. Or contact your regional analyst.

Local Area Unemployment Statistics

Get labor force, employment and unemployment estimates for your region of Minnesota.

Cost of Living

Find the cost of basic needs for various family sizes, for each county and region in Minnesota.

Minnesota Economic Trends

Read expert analysis of the state’s labor market, industries, and economy.

Minnesota Employment Review

Read our monthly publication that examines market conditions and key economic indicators statewide.

Local Look Blogs

Each month, DEED's Regional Analysis & Outreach unit produces a series of blogs exploring local labor market information. Contact your regional analyst for more information


We’re Minnesota’s career development and talent matching resource. We guide people toward rewarding careers, connect individuals to opportunities and help employers find the workers they need to grow and thrive.

The Importance of Immigration

In the face of increasingly tight labor markets, a growing scarcity of workers is now recognized as one of Minnesota’s most significant barriers to sustained economic growth. Because of these constraints, it has become evident that immigration has been and will continue to be a vital source of the workforce that employers need to succeed.

Racial Disparities

Racial disparities in education, employment, and income exist and persist for a wide variety of reasons, but the economic challenges and opportunities every region in Minnesota will face over the next 15 years are so great that they will need to be tackled with a multi-pronged approach to attracting, retaining, and training workers of all demographic characteristics.

LMI Help

Browse our labor market experts, including regional analysts, plus areas of specialty with information on career exploration tools and resources on the economy and labor market in Minnesota.

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