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Multi-Fund Venture Capital Program

Minnesota's State Small Business Credit Initiative (SSBCI) programs include the Multi-Fund Venture Capital program. The program will invest in Minnesota-based venture capital funds that target seed and early-stage investments in Minnesota-based startups. This program is expected to target key sectors such as advanced manufacturing, agtech/foodtech, climate tech, life sciences, software, and technology.


The Multi-Fund Venture Capital Program is managed by the University of Minnesota Office of Investments & Banking (OIB). Application to the program.

SSBCI programs must meet certain criteria and compliance standards. Information on various SSBCI compliance issues can be found in the tabs below. All SSBCI programs and transactions require the Investor (Fund) and Investee to submit specific certifications located on the Certifications tab. Applicants should submit signed certifications to OIB when directed.

Important definition, compliance and certification information is located in the tabs below.

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