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Legislative District Profiles

DEED reports many of its services, which are funded with both state and federal dollars, via these profiles. The Legislative District Profiles tool can be used to learn about general DEED program activity in Senate districts.

View the Legislative District Profiles tool.

Each Legislative District Profile provides a snapshot of activity. As such, there are a few items worth noting:

  • The data is based on clients/customers residing within a given legislative district as of a given date. Customers moving into and out of an area, changes in program availability and eligibility, and/or changes in funding levels may affect outcomes. Participation levels and other outcome information is dynamic and changing constantly.
  • Some customers receive more than one service and may be counted in more than one reported service activity.
  • While a customer's address determines in which legislative district a service activity is reported, the customer may have been served in a different district.
  • Self-service customers are able to access services anonymously; consequently, they are not reflected in service totals.
  • DEED serves out-of-state customers (such as those who use the job bank) who are not included in the statewide profile.
  • Annual Program Summaries provide more-detailed program measures.

For more information on the profiles, email

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