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What Guides Us


DEED is governed by state and federal laws and its own rules and policies in support of those regulations.

We also rely on advisory groups to guide our work. And our data practices help us protect data that we collect.

Equal opportunity in our programs, and protecting visitors' privacy when using our websites, are very important to us.


The laws, rules, policies, and guidance that govern DEED help us in our mission.

Advisory Groups

Various advisory groups affiliated with DEED help guide our work and advocate for our customers.

Rulemaking Activity

DEED adopts rules to help us formulate policy necessary to administer a legislatively created program.

Data Practices

Our Guides explain how you, as either a member of the general public or as a data subject, may request data that we keep.

Equal Opportunity

DEED is an equal opportunity employer and program provider.

Privacy Policy

We are committed to protecting the privacy of users of DEED websites.

Focus on Equity

DEED is committed to moving diversity, equity and inclusion in the workplace and across all aspects of life in Minnesota forward. We’re dedicated to a Minnesota that welcomes everyone.

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