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Information Technology for Minnesota Government

Learn About MNIT

Minnesota IT Services (MNIT), the State of Minnesota’s IT organization. Our work stretches across the executive branch of state government – from social services to education, to law enforcement and more. MNIT is at the heart of what makes government work for Minnesota.

Get Help

MNIT provides 24/7 support for agency business partners, IT staff and employees of Minnesota IT Services. Users can report issues, request changes, and order or change services online through the Enterprise Service Desk or through their Local Help Desk.

Report a Cyber Incident

MNIT’s top priority is to protect and secure the State of Minnesota from cyber-incidents. When reporting an incident, please provide the name of your state organization, contact, date and time of the event, how you found it, and a description. This information will help the State of Minnesota Security Operations Center resolve the incident.

Agency News

A team of cybersecurity professionals working.

Cybersecurity in Partnership

From keeping busses running on time and monitoring traffic to fostering a healthy economy and environment, nearly every government function that Minnesotans depend on is reliant upon technology.

Minnesota capital dome with computer code behind it.

Tech Upgrades at Capitol

The Minnesota State Capitol restoration is complete. As part of the plan to rebuild infrastructure, the Capitol also underwent key technological upgrades and became more accessible to the public.

A man and woman working on a server.

Start Your Career with MNIT

Information technology is one of the fastest growing occupational fields with constant demand for professionals. If you’re looking for a pathway to opportunity, the IT profession is calling!

Backlit keys on a computer keyboard.

Securing the State

While MNIT has robust security defense mechanisms, it must constantly be vigilant. Even the most sophisticated cyber-knowledge and tools have their limits against determined hackers.

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