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The Office of Inaccessibility

Why Accessibility Matters

Have you ever thought about how digital barriers affect us? Ensuring that the information we receive is accessible benefits everyone. Here you will find information on how the State of Minnesota ensures our information is accessible. The accessibility tips and resources in this section will help make your content and your organization more accessible.

Minnesota IT Services’ Office of Accessibility oversees the implementation of accessibility standards for Minnesota’s executive branch to provide resources that ensure applications, websites, and documents are accessible for everyone.

We created a captioned video sharing why accessibility matters. An audio described version is available here.

Accessibility Resources


Learn how to make accessible documents with Minnesota’s free e-Learning program.


Learn how you can make your electronic documents accessible to everyone.


Learn how to create accessible maps, through the use of font, color, symbols, and more.


Learn how to make your meetings and presentations accessible for everyone


Learn how to create accessible videos, podcasts, webinars, and other multimedia.

Social Media

Learn how to reach a larger audience through accessible social media and outreach.

Web & Apps

Learn the best practices of creating accessible websites and applications.

Cards featuring tips for creating accessible documents.

Accessibility Quick Cards

Looking for tips on how to make documents and social media accessible? We've created accessibility quick cards for easy reference when you are creating your content.

Read the Quick Cards

For Government

Policies & Standards

Find information on meeting federal standards for accessible documents and websites.


Find information to help you procure accessible IT products and services.

Strategic Plan

MNIT's Accessibility Strategic Plan sets the vision of accessibility for State of Minnesota agencies. Read the summary.

Accessibility News

View Accessibility News

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