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Accessibility Training Questionnaire

By filling out this short survey, you are helping us create the accessibility training materials that we share with our visitors. Thank you for helping improve accessibility for all in Minnesota!

Privacy Notice

In accordance with the Minnesota Government Data Practices Act, Minnesota IT Services is providing you with notice via this Tennessen Warning of the following with respect to MNIT’s intent to gather your data:

  • Purpose and intended use of the requested data: This Accessibility Training Questionnaire is provided to gather information about State of Minnesota employees and the public in general to better improve the accessibility training materials that MNIT provides. Only summary data will be used, and your response will not include any identifying information related to you.
  • Voluntary: This questionnaire is voluntary and you are not required to respond to it.
  • Consequences: There are no consequences to you if do not wish to answer the questionnaire.
  • Access: The responses gathered from this voluntary questionnaire will be used by MNIT’s Training and Development Office for purposes such as, but not limited to, programming of services and funding. This data may also be shared upon court order or accessed by the legislative auditor or state auditor.

Which Option(s) Best Describe You (Check All That Apply):

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