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Static Maps

Static maps are standalone graphics, such as a JPGs or PDF files. They are typically non-interactive and serve as useful guides with visual and textual information. Using the information here, you can create accessible static maps that everyone can read.

Tips for Making Accessible Static Maps

Design for Accessibility

Use descriptive text for your map’s title, captions, alt text, links, and more to conveys your map’s message.

Enable Human Contact

Provide general contact information that is easy to find and ensure that staff is available to answer questions.

Export Usable Formats

Export flattened PDFs (without layers) with as few attributes as possible or items may disappear when applying accessibility.

Tag Your Map

Tag everything in your map as one figure or image. Add a brief alternative (alt) text to flow with the document’s other text elements.

Find these tips and more when you download the Static Map Accessibility Quick Card.

Static Map Quick Card (PDF)

More Resources

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