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Becoming a Vendor

If you represent a vendor or manufacturer and wish to become part of the Minnesota BUY.IT program, there are a couple of steps you need to take:

1. Find out if BUY.IT is accepting applications for the program you are interested in.

2. Obtain a state contract.

You must have a contract with the State of Minnesota to be part of the BUY.IT program.
  • Contact the Department of Administration/Materials Management Division (MMD) to learn what is needed to obtain a state contract.
  • Email:
  • Phone: (651) 296-2600

3. Apply to become a BUY.IT program vendor.

Contact the BUY.IT team to learn what products and services are now a part of the BUY.IT program and how to present new products or services for consideration.

4. Make the following commitments to the program.

  • Promote the use of Minnesota Standard Products and suggest nonstandard products only after determining a standard product is not appropriate for a given need
  • Provide strong guidance to set product and service standards that are mutually beneficial
  • Participate in product refresh meetings and contribute to the maintenance of standards and product offerings
  • Provide sales data used to assess program performance
  • Provide attractive prices with quality service

Software vendors

If you have software you would like to sell to the State, please go to the Contact Us page and tell us about it by filling out the form.

Please check out our FAQs section.
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