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Discovery is the legal procedure by which parties are required to exchange information and evidence with one another in state and federal courts. eDiscovery is that process applied to electronically stored information (ESI) such as emails, computer files, and databases. MNIT provides eDiscovery services related to ESI contained in systems managed by MNIT. 

MNIT eDiscovery services include obtaining, recovering, and providing electronically stored information, such as emails, computer files, and databases, for purposes of legal discovery for state or federal legal proceedings. These services are flexible, allowing agencies to choose the level of support they require. 

MNIT provides consulting services that leverage our broad eDiscovery and Information Technology skill sets and experience. MNIT can help guide eDiscovery engagements, recommend a course of action, identify potential evidence sources, and assist internal agency legal teams to pursue successful eDiscovery outcomes.

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