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Testing Tableau

It’s important to consider accessibility early and throughout the design and development process for seamless integration into the project. Keep in mind the business requirements and how you will share the information.

To test a dashboard you will need to use more than one of the testing practices outlined in the testing guide. For example, if WAVE is your choice for automated testing, you will also need to do visual, keyboard only, and browser zoom testing.

Tips for testing data visualization

Page title and language

A web page’s page title uses a title tag and is a short description of the web page. It appears at the top of a browser window. Providing a unique page title helps users quickly understand a web pages content and purpose. It is also read aloud to people using screen readers when a page loads, and when they return to a previously-opened browser window.

The language of the page and language of parts can be set on a webpage by adding the lang attribute to the html tag and to different parts of a webpage. Setting the language of every page is important so it can be programmatically determined by software such as screen readers.

Data visualizations and Images

All non-text content on a web page or in a dashboard requires a text alternative that serves as the equivalent description. It is also important to check the visual presentation of text and images of text has a color contrast ratio of at least 4.5:1.

Page structure

All users, including assistive technology users, need to understand the structure of the dashboard. The elements include headings, links, lists, tables, and tabs/sections/worksheets. These elements must be programmatically determined by assistive technologies.

Filtering components

Testing a dashboard requires verification that form fields have on-screen labels or instructions. When including an interactive form field on the dashboard it must have a descriptive label or instructions. Verify that keyboard users can access the field.

Page text

All users must be able to access all text within the dashboard. The text must meet color contrast and other WCAG success criterion. In addition to a visual test, you can test using NVDA and ANDI.

For more detail on these and other tips when you download the Tableau Accessibility Testing Plan (PDF).

Testing Guidelines for Accessibility Resources

What to Learn Next

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