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Services for Non-Executive Branch Partners

The services in this section are available to non-executive branch partners. These partners include: higher education, school districts, public libraries, legislative branch, judicial branch, constitutional offices, counties, cities, and other government organizations in the State of Minnesota. If you are unsure if you are a member of an executive or non-executive organization, please contact Relationship Management.


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Meet Anytime, Anywhere. Conference services provide interactive video for groups in specialized meeting rooms and web conferencing from computers or smart devices. Video conference rooms are equipped with large video screens, remote-control high definition cameras, microphones, and a touch panel to control these devices. Meeting attendees do not need a personal computer or smart device to join a meeting in these rooms. Web conferencing uses computing devices for online meetings.

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Stay Connected. MNIT provides business quality voice communications and a varied set of related features. Available services include:

  • Contracted Classic Voice: These services include local dial tone (Centrex and other business service), long distance and calling cards, conferencing, and real-time language interpretation services, all provisioned through MNIT contracts to aggregate demand and drive down prices.

  • Voice Over IP (VoIP):  VoIP features Contact Center Minnesota (for call centers) and IPT-Hosted services for business telephone at MNET connected (link) sites with appropriate bandwidth connectivity and local area network configuration. These services are provisioned on the MNIT enterprise infrastructure.

  • Voicemail: This service is available for select Centrex locations and for all VoIP services.

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Wide Area Network (WAN)

Gain Access. WAN services provide secure network connections to state locations. These connections provide access to applications and information that employees need to do work. WAN services connect partner sites to the state network known as Minnesota’s Network for Enterprise Telecommunications (MNET), to the Internet and to MNIT Enterprise Data Centers.

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