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Data Visualization Accessibility

Data visualization should be accessible to everyone. When using Tableau and other tools to create graphical image of information and data, you should consider how all users will have equal access to the information in the visualization.

Data visualization presents information in visual charts and graphs. When creating complex charts and graphs, include summary text and data table to allow users access to the information.

Learn About Accessible Data Visualizations

Data Visualization Basics

Best practices and tips to make your Tableau projects accessible and usable to a wide audience

Accessible Power BI Resources

Find resources on how to create accessible Power BI projects

Tableau Design

Learn how to design data visualizations with proper use of fonts, colors, legends, alternative text, and more. These design principles apply to all data visualizations that are accessible to everyone

Testing Tableau

Accessibility testing early and often is important for a successful project. Testing should use multiple tools, keyboard, and possibly a screen reader. Find information on how to do accessibility testing for your project

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