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Admin Facilities Management offers parking services for state employees and visitors to the buildings under our custodial control. Parking options include contract and metered parking in surface lots, parking ramps and parking garages. All parking is subject to availability. See the tabs below for complete parking information and reference the Capitol Complex Commuter Policy for more details.

This Government Parking website section has content relating to employees and those who have regular business on the Capitol Complex.  For Visitors parking on the Capitol Complex, see the Citizens Parking website section.

Driving and parking with courtesy is needed from our customers to ensure the safety of all users and to maximize available parking in each facility.  Follow and apply the tips below when parking: 

Parking Etiquette

Be courteous.
Yield to pedestrians and approach the parking facility slowly.
Slow down! the speed limit in all facilities is 5 MPH.
Do not tailgate the vehicle in front of you.  Aggressive driving is prohibited.
Follow all posted signage.

  • In facilities with Stop signs, you are required to stop.

Park your vehicle in the center of the parking stall.

  • Leave room for other drivers to exit their vehicle to avoid door dings.
  • Large, oversized vehicles are best parked in the middle of rows and not at the end where visibility will be compromised for other drivers.
  • Compact stalls are signed and vehicle must fit within the lines.
  • You are permitted to use one stall.  Trailers and other items that extend from the vehicle and/or take more than one standard stall are not permitted in contract parking facilities.

If you see suspicious activity, contact Capitol Security at 651-296-6741. 

We appreciate your cooperation, thank you!

For Metropass rates and additional information, please see the Government Transportation Options section.
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