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Person-Centered Practices

Person-centered practices are based on the principles that you are listened to. That listening leads to action that results in you:

  • Having positive control over the life you desire and find satisfying;
  • Being recognized for your contributions to your communities; and
  • Being supported by a web of relationships within your communities.

Using person-centered practices to plan for use of assistive technology.

This process ensures that you have the opportunity to make informed choices based on your preferences and experiences. You will discover what is important to you, including:

  • What matters most to you; and
  • Your own definition of quality of life

 You will also discover what is important for you, including:

  • Issues of health and safety; and
  • What others see as necessary to help you be a valued member of the community

This information leads to action planning with outcomes or goals that are meaningful to you. It may be possible that an assistive technology service or support could assist the person in reaching their outcome or goal. This will be explored as part of planning using a person-centered practices perspective.

An additional Person-Centered Practice resource can be found on the following Minnesota Department of Education website link: 

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