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Hot Work

Agency Requirements

Risk Management Division requires both state employees and contractors follow these procedures before, during, and after all hot work operations.

Written Hot Work Policy

The primary goal of any hot work management program should be fire prevention. Reaching this goal starts by developing a written hot work policy which applies to employees and contractors. If you don't have a written policy in place or just need to update what you have, please use our sample Hot Work Policy as a guide to improve your safety program.

Hot Works Permits

The Hot Work Permit is key to managing hot and preventing fires. It is a written document filled out at the work site after a thorough review of the work to be completed and the work area. The review identifies the type and location of the work, personnel roles, and responsibilities, necessary precautions, and duration of the permit. A Hot Work Permit must be completed for each operation involving hot work and kept on the job site.

To request a supply of Hot Work Permits, please email

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