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Risk Management

The Risk Management Division (RMD) insures over $15 billion of the State’s assets and delivers workers’ compensation services for nearly 50,000 state employees. The division takes a proactive approach with a focus on safety and loss control efforts that strive to minimize the incidence of injuries, accidents, and other damages and losses. Link.

310 Centennial Office Building
658 Cedar Street
St. Paul, MN 55155


Insurance General Contact
Property and Casualty Insurance Program
Phone: (651) 201 2588
Fax: (651) 297-7715

Workers' Compensation General Contact
Workers' Compensation Program
Phone: (651) 201-3000
Fax: (651) 297-5471

Risk Management Contacts

Gary Westman 
Risk Management Director
Workers Compensation Claims, Legal & Placement
Phone: 651-201-3030 

Todd Christenson
Property and Casualty Insurance, Safety and Loss Control 
Phone: 651-201-3005

Gay Scharpen
Billing Questions, Payment Processing, iRISK (System Access)  
Phone: 651-201-2587

Lea Shedlock
Auto Liability Claims, General Liability Claims
Phone: 651-201-2589

Jackie Ferguson
Vendor/Contractor Insurance Requirements, Builder's Risk Handling, Insurance Questions, Certificates of Insurance, Policy Changes
Phone: 651-201-2593

Scott Johnson
Property and General Liability Claims
Phone: 651-201-2592

Bryan Freeman
Auto Physical Damage Claims, Non-Insured Tort Claims
Phone: 651-201-2586

Jim Kubisiak 
Industrial Hygiene 
Phone: 651-201-3016

Kemal Munn
State Safety Coordinator
Phone: 651-201-3011

Adam Bald
Property & Casualty Loss Control, Fleet Safety
Phone: 651-201-2590

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