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Interagency Agreements

Interagency Agreements are arrangements between state agencies to share resources, do work for each other, share work, etc., to make the best use of state resources. The authority of state agencies to enter into agreements between themselves is, in most cases, not clearly defined. Some state agencies have specific statutory authority to enter into these agreements (the Department of Education, for instance). Most state agencies do not have specific authority, but their authority is defined in the Joint Powers Act, which is Minn. Stat. § 471.59.
A Certification Form does not have to be submitted when entering into an interagency agreement regardless of the total dollar value of the agreement. By its nature, an interagency agreement is using state resources to accomplish the task, so none of the requirements for certification exist. 

Pre-Contract Processes

  • Discuss project with the partner agency
  • Develop Scope of Work and Deliverables

Contract Drafting

  • Draft contract using the Interagency Agreement template
  • Send draft contract to partner agency for review
  • Send draft contract to Agency Contract Coordinator for review
  • Encumber funds and fill in SWIFT block on contract form

Contract Execution

  • Route contract for signatures in the following order: Encumbrance, Partner Agency, Agency
  • Review signatures for legality, completeness, and accuracy
  • Distribute executed copies to both agencies and the Project Manager
Interagency Agreements do not require Admin’s signature. Do not route to Admin for review or approval.
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